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- Albert Einstein


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Water Damage Emergency - Click Here!

Water Damage Cleanup

We know how devastating it can be to find your home full of water.  The most important thing to do is try to stay calm and make sure everybody is safe.  Then give us a call.  

DO NOT enter a flooded area of your home before you understand the possible hazards!

Our trained crew will come in, assess the situation, and put together a plan to help minimize the damage and get your home dry again.  After we are done, the affected area will look just as good if not better than it did before the flood.

It is vital that the clean up  be handled by a trained and licensed professional.  A shop vac alone will not get enough water out of a carpet to dry it properly.  On the surface things may appear dry, but the inside of the walls can remain wet for weeks.  Trying to do it yourself may increase the risk of fungi or mold as well as well as jeopardize the health of the other members in the household.

We know money can be tight and some home owners will still try to do it on their own.  If that is the case, for a small fee we can come out and take some readings to see how effective the clean up was.  Even if we do not do the work, we want everyone to to be safe, especially when children are involved.